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Valdosta, Georgia Drug Rehab And Treatment

Valdosta, Georgia

Are you confused and frustrated trying to find drug rehab treatment in Valdosta, Georgia?

Well look no further. Drug Rehab Georgia has your solution and resources for drug rehab treatment in or near Valdosta, Georgia.

The drug rehabs in Valdosta Georgia all have a different approach to the drug treatment process. Take note of what is important to you, and we will help you make decisions based on your personal needs. Keep in mind that in Valdosta, Georgia there are a multitude of drug rehab treatment options to choose from: outpatient treatment, in patient treatment, short term rehab, long term rehab, drug detox, alcohol detox, support groups, halfway houses, drug intervention, and many more.

Drug Rehab Georgia counselors have tremendous knowlege and experience in assessing your specific drug rehab treatment needs and we utilize an extensive Georgia Drug Rehab database containing Valdosta drug and/or alcohol rehabs and treatment programs.

Using our database containing information on drug rehab and treatment centers in Valdosta, Georgia, we can provide you with the best Valdosta Georgia treatment center based on specific criteria gathered from your personal situation. We assess each individuals specific situation and then provide an individualally tailored treatment plan and cooresponding program that will give the greatest potential for success.

At Drug Rehab Georgia dot org, we understand that every situation is unique and we will guide you through every step of choosing the correct Valdosta Georgia treatment program for you or your loved one. We are dedicated in helping every addict or alcoholic get the treatment they need reguardless of financial situation. Don't wait. Fill out the form below or Call Us Now!

Valdosta Georgia Drug CounselorFill out the form below and you will receive a response back from a counselor who can answer all your drug rehab and treatment questions. Our counselors are always available to help and are waiting for your call so if you would like to speak to someone right away, don't hesitate to call:


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Valdosta, Georgia

Valdosta, Georgia, in Lowndes county, is 65 miles NE of Tallahassee, Florida and 102 miles W of Jacksonville, Florida. There are 43,724 residents in Valdosta, Georgia.

Valdosta, Georgia History

Troupville, the original settlement from which Valdosta, Georgia was created, was once a steamboat landing on the Withlacoochee River. It was named after Governor George M. Troup. However, when the Gulf and Atlantic Railroad was constructed four miles away, the residents of Troupville simply moved the town closer to the railroad. This resulted in the creation of Valdosta, Georgia. Valdosta, Georgia was officially incorporated on December 7, 1860. Valdosta was named after Troup’s estate which was known as “Val d'Osta."

Valdosta, Georgia and nearby Attractions
  • Lowndes County Historical Society and Museum
  • Carnegie Library
  • Cherry Lake
  • Calvary Church
  • Grand Bay Wildlife Management Area
  • Fairview Historic District
Things To Do In Valdosta, Georgia

Those interested in the regional history and culture of Valdosta can pay a visit to the Lowndes County Historical Society Museum. The Richard Holmes Powell Library, Valdosta City Hall, J. E. Mathis Municipal Auditorium, Lowndes County Jail and Carnegie Library are also worth taking a look around. At the Valdosta city’s lakes and reservoirs, one can enjoy a variety of water sports. There are also many shopping centers in Valdosta, Georgia. The Azalea International Folk Festival, held every March, draws crowds from all the neighboring cities and towns around Valdosta, Georgia.

Valdosta Georgia Transportation

Valdosta Regional Airport, about 6 miles away, provides facilities for air transportation.

Valdosta Higher Education

Higher educational opportunities are provided by the local Valdosta State University and the Valdosta Technical College. One can also enroll at the Albany State University, the Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University and Florida State University.