Drug Rehab Articles

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Georgia In-Patient Treatment

There are hundreds if not thousands of different types of alcohol addiction and drug rehab treatment programs in Georgia. When choosing a drug rehab center for yourself or a loved one from Georgia, it is important to become educated on the different types of Georgia drug rehabs and what the end results are.

In Patient TreatmentTypes of drug rehab programs include detoxification, outpatient counseling, short-term inpatient treatment (30-day program) and long-term residential treatment (longer than 60 days). Within these, there are also medical models that use substitute drugs in the treatment process and there are drug-free programs that do not prescribe more drugs to addicts. Most drug rehab centers serving Georgia have some type of aftercare or follow-up program as well.

The goal of a drug and alcohol rehab program should be to restore addicts and alcoholics to full physical and mental health, and teach them the skills they need to live an enjoyable drug free and productive life in the future.

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Georgia Inpatient Treatment

There are numerous treatment options available for those looking to recover from drug addiction. Individuals who feel their drug addiction has affected their lifestyle such as their family, friends, or work will benefit greatly from inpatient treatment. Inpatient treatment provides the recovering drug addict with support 24-hours a day. Additionally, removing the individual from their former surroundings (in regards to drug using friends and the individual's personal drug using paraphernalia) helps them to adjust to living a drug-free lifestyle. The benefits of inpatient treatment also include the reduced likelihood of the individual using alcohol or drugs while in treatment as well as highly structured days.

Inpatient treatment can take place in a variety of locations. Many first think of hospitals or similar accommodations, however, this is not always the case. Inpatient treatment takes place in residential settings as well. In fact, the preferred treatment environment in a lot of inpatient situations would be one that was less restrictive than a hospital, but did have supervision and structure, such as residential inpatient treatment. These programs often offer supervised detoxification that may involve medication in a hospital setting or social detoxification (i.e. no medication) in a non-hospital setting.

Hospital Inpatient Treatment

Hospital Inpatient treatment takes place in a hospital, clinic or similar type setting. In most cases, the purpose of inpatient hospitalization is to provide a safe environment for detoxification, stabilization and medication management. Often times some group based counseling is also incorperated. Hospital inpatient treatment is generally administered short-term usually consisting of 3 to 14 days.

Long term success rates of hospital inpatient treatment are between 2% - 5% and this form of treatment is not reccomended for long term recovery but can initially be effective for crisis stabilization. In some cases if the addict is suicidal or of immediate harm to themselves or others, the addict can be committed, beyond thier own will, to this form of treatment where they will reside in "Lock Down" for a very short period of time in a hospital setting for stabilization. Medications such as mood stabilizers, antidepressants, antipsychotics, seditives and sleep medications are often administered.

Inpatient Short-Term

Short-term inpatient programs keep patients up to 30 days. Most of these programs focus on medical stabilization, abstinence, and lifestyle changes. Staff members are primarily medical professionals and trained counselors.

Short-Term Residential Programs provide intensive but relatively brief residential treatment based on a modified 12-step approach. Once primarily for alcohol abuse treatment, these programs expanded into drug abuse treatment in the 1980s. Reduced health care coverage for substance abuse treatment has resulted in a diminished number of these programs, and the average length of stay under managed care review is much shorter than in early programs, averaging 7-14 days.

Inpatient Long-Term / Residential

Long-term residential programs offer around-the-clock, drug-free treatment in a residential community of counselors and fellow recovering addicts. Patients generally stay in these programs several months or up to a year or more.

Long-Term residential programs provide care 24 hours per day, generally in non-clinical settings. The best-known residential treatment model is the therapeutic community (TC), but residential treatment may also employ other models, such as the Social Education Model.

What Type of Treatment is Best For Me?

Deciding which treatment is best for you can depend on a number of factors including:

  • The drug of addiction
  • The length of addiction
  • The degree of addiction
  • Co-occurring disorders
  • Time commitments
  • Health problems
  • Drug history and previous treatments

The decision is a personal one but if, for example, you have undergone certain treatments before and they didn't resonate with you then you will know to try something different. A common mistake that people make is choosing the simplest, easiest method of detoxification with little or no rehabilitation. Breaking the physical addiction to drugs and alcohol is important, but only part of the equation. Sustaining an abstinent life without healing the mental and spiritual wounds that originally led to substance abuse is near to impossible.

Finding the right drug treatment in Georgia that fits your needs can be a long, exhausting, and frustrating process without professional help. Drug Rehab Georgia counselors have tremendous knowlege and experience in assessing your specific treatment needs and we utilize an extensive Georgia Drug Rehab database containing Georgia drug and/or alcohol rehabs and treatment programs. We are able to provide you with all your drug rehab and treatment options that best fits your specific situation and treatment needs. Wheather you are looking for out-patient treatment, in-patient treatment, short-term drug rehab, long-term drug rehab, drug or alcohol detox, drug intervention, or counseling groups, Drug Rehab Georgia can find the right program for you.

Using our database containing information on drug rehab and treatment centers in Georgia, we can provide you with the best Georgia treatment center based on specific criteria gathered from your personal situation. We assess each individuals specific situation and then provide an individualally tailored treatment plan and cooresponding program that will give the greatest potential for success. At Drug Rehab Georgia dot org, we understand that every situation is unique and we will guide you through every step of choosing the correct Georgia treatment program for you or your loved one. We are dedicated in helping every addict or alcoholic get the treatment they need reguardless of financial situation. Don't wait. Fill out the form above or Call Us Now!